First, I want to apologize for my lack of content lately. This last week has been very hard on me, and I’ve been feeling emotionally drained. I’m also having trouble continually finding topics about which to post when it’s not a Monday (campaign diary day) or Wednesday (world-building day). Even Fridays (DM advice day) are becoming difficult.

Anyway, here’s what I want to talk about today.

It happens to everyone. Something comes up. “Life happens.” Maybe too many people can’t make it to the game. So the next game has to be postponed a week. Or even a month!

I know that, for my group at least, hearing this is like a prison sentence. They get all bummed out that their weekly escape isn’t happening. And I’m right there with them. I love escaping just as much as they do (especially now, given recent events). We’re actually about to have – at least – two weeks off here in November. Ugh.

So what do we do in that time?

I can’t speak for my players, of course, but I read. I dive into D&D books and I devour information. Funny enough, I don’t typically read the current campaign book. I save that for the day before the game, or the day of the game – so it’s nice and fresh in my mind.

Lately, I’ve been reading what – I hope – will be our next campaign. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal which one that is, because my players like to read this blog sometimes, and I’m hoping to surprise them (kind of like how I did with Curse of Strahd). But it is one of the official, 5E D&D campaigns.

I also got a hold of two new books recently: Kobold Press’s “Tome of Beasts,” featured on Kickstarter, and Wizards of the Coast’s “Volo’s Guide to Monsters.”

kobtob1001_500                                 dnd_trpg_volosguidetomonsters_alt_cover


I’m very happy with these books. They contain a TON of information about various creatures that I can pop into nearly any D&D campaign. In fact, I have a lot of ideas and plans to use the Tome of Beasts soon. And Volo’s Guide’s section on Beholders is fascinating enough that I want to use them in a campaign too.

Or, maybe, I’m working on my map. A while back, I drew a little, 8.5×11 map of my homebrew world, Muluth. I knew I wanted to do better. So, I got a huge piece of poster paper, and started transferring it. Here’s a little progress shot from several months ago.


And, speaking of homebrew, Muluth is full of people and places. So all of those need work too. A peek into my Google Drive would show you a folder called “Location Files,” and more folders inside that one for each of the regions and nations of Muluth. And within those folders are one doc file for every single location in Muluth…and they all need writing.

So I have my work cut out for me. Really, those are the things I should be focusing on in the weeks when I don’t have D&D. But, if I’m being realistic, I’m probably spending that time with my wife and son. I mean, wouldn’t you?


On a side note, yes, I’m very much looking forward to getting him interested in playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Anyway, that’s about all I have for today. Seems kind of like a non-post, and I’m sorry if you feel gypped after reading it. But it’s a bit of a peek into my life, and why I’m not totally consistent with my posts or even my weekly games.

What do you do on your weeks where you don’t have a D&D game – that’s related to the game in some way? Do you binge watch the old television cartoon show? Do you draw battle maps? Do you make up monster stat blocks? Do you dream up new worlds?

Until next time – Well Met!