This is the chronicle of the journey of a group of players and their adventures within a galaxy far, far away. This is Galiphile’s custom re-skin of 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. This is Star Wars D&D.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. (click for a custom intro crawl!)

As war spreads throughout the galaxy between the REPUBLIC and the SEPARATISTS, a group of gifted individuals are gathered on the planet Lothal seeking to earn some credits.
Assembled by the diplomat VUX FOY in Lothal’s Capital City, this unlikely band of adventurers escorts a freighter full of supplies headed for a new settlement out on the Lothalian frontier.
However, many dangers exist in the wilderness of Lothal. Will the skills of the adventurers be enough to protect the burgeoning town, or will they fall prey to something that has its eyes set on the settlement….


In 22 BBY, a light, planetary freighter flies above the grassy plains of the Outer Rim planet Lothal, heading northwest from the Capital City. It takes half an hour to arrive in a relatively new farming and mining settlement called Spine Hills, which is bordered to the north by a sprawling spine tree forest.

Five individuals sit aboard the freighter, and introduce themselves to each other during the ride. They were all gathered and hired by the Aqualish Vux Foy, who is head of the Department of Trade and Agriculture within the Capital City. According to Foy, Spine Hills needs some extra protection, so he put out a request through various channels seeking skilled people to come and assist him.

  • Andy plays Lop Smitz, a male Duros Engineer (Far Traveler).


  • Adam plays Ashoth “Ash” Bokrug, a male Quarren Sentinel (Jedi).


  • Justin plays Ghost, a male Human Scout (Bounty Hunter).

  • Tasha plays Sura Ta, a female Cathar Monk (Hermit).


  • Katie plays Kup Kup Caumbop, a female Gungan Fighter (Outlaw).

Upon touching down in Spine Hills’ Landing Bay Trino, and exiting the freighter, the adventurers are greeted by the Ithorian Mayor of Spine Hills, Whogg Nand, and his Human Deputy Mayor, Alebri Ackebeva. Deputy Mayor Ackebeva wastes no time explaining why the party was hired by Vux Foy.

Recently, packs of loth-wolves have been coming out of the forest each night and attacking the town’s livestock of nerfs. This is deeply concerning, as each nerf they lose is hundreds of thousands of potential credits in profit lost. In order for Spine Hills to survive, they need the adventurers to take care of the problem.

Ackebeva takes inventory of the adventurers – their names, specifications, and qualifications – and enters them into her datapad. The adventurers ask if anyone has tried to set up traps to catch the loth-wolves, but Ackebeva says no one within the community really possesses the talents to do so. She then leaves with the Mayor after requesting the adventurers get right to work solving the loth-wolf attacks.

The group heads through town, noting some of the points of interest as they go – a small junkyard, a trader’s post, what appears to be a mechanic’s shop, and finally the nerf stables, which stand right at the south gate of Spine Hills.

Inside the stablehouse, the group meets the 9 year-old Human son of the owner, Samrees Bunturn. He’s sweeping the stablehouse and says that his father spends a lot of time at the cantina nearby, and his mother is off helping at one of the farms outside the town proper. He doesn’t know much about the attacks, and is usually in bed by the time they happen.

Lop and Ash go to the cantina to search for Samrees’s father, Jovraf Bunturn; while Ghost, Sura, and Kup Kup head out of the town’s south gate to search for loth-wolf tracks.

Inside the cantina, Lop and Ash gain the attention of the patrons – being off-worlders – as they head to the bar to meet the male Ugnaught bartender, Drette Cikk. They ask about Jovraf, and Drette fetches the man, who then comes out of the back room wearing an apron.

The two interrogate Jovraf on his abilities and qualifications before asking him to make them his favorite dish. Confused, and now very anxious, Jovraf disappears for a few minutes, before bringing back two cups of hot nerf stew. Lop and Ash truly enjoy the well-seasoned dish – so much so that Ash leaves Jovraf a 30-credit tip, saying his family deserves it. They then get Jovraf to loan them one of his family’s nerfs – Nella – in exchange for a return-on-investment of five nerfs so that they can use it as bait for the anticipated, nightly loth-wolf attack.

Meanwhile, Ghost, Sura, and Kup Kup have successfully traced the loth-wolf tracks from the previous night’s attack to the edge of the spine tree forest that spreads out beyond the north end of town. They press on together into the woods for a bit before realizing that the tracks continue into the forest for a long distance, and they decide to head back so that they can explore with their allies.

The whole group decides to use Nella the nerf as bait to set a trap for the loth-wolves, and take up positions surrounding the nerf at some distance to attack when the creatures arrive. The group attempts to remain hidden as the sun sets…and four loth-wolves eventually arrive, beginning to circle the bait nerf.

Ash starts things off by using the Force to push a nearby loth-wolf into the range of the party’s prepared attacks, and Sura takes it down with a vibrodart. Ghost, unfortunately, finds grease on the scope of his carbine, and must take time to clean it off. Lop shoots a loth-wolf in the rear haunch with his scattergun, and it leaps forward and fatally bites Nella the nerf in the neck, taking the large creature down.

During the fight, Ash can feel something present in the Force all around him, but he is unable to ascertain its true nature.

Kup Kup tries to throw her spear, but it misses her target. A fifth loth-wolf that nobody noticed sneaks up behind Lop and savagely bites his thigh, dealing near-lethal damage, and Lop successfully fends it off using a flame sweep techcasting attack from his wristpad. Ash then uses the Force to tear great chunks of earth from the ground, and throws them at the remaining loth-wolves, successfully killing one. Ghost, scope clear, attempts to shoot one of the loth-wolves, but misses and nearly hits Sura.

A howl emits from within the forest, and the two remaining loth-wolves run back into the treeline, disappearing. Ash comes over and Heals Lop with the Force, and the group catches their breath for a second. They then decide to follow the loth-wolves into the spine tree forest to finish the job.

After the better part of an hour of successfully following tracks through the woods, the group comes across a clearing that features a shallow brook standing between them and the mouth of a cave within a rocky outcropping. The group hops the brook, and moves to the cave mouth. One by one, they filter inside.

Kup Kup leads the way with her darkvision, and finds a bend in the rough-hewn, natural tunnel. She peeks around the bend, and sees that the cave dead-ends 15 feet ahead into a larger, open area. Within that area are the two badly wounded loth-wolves lying together on the ground, and standing nearby is a much larger loth-wolf staring directly at Kup Kup’s peeking face.

Ash moves forward to the edge of the bend and peeks around, but he sees the large loth-wolf as a luminous, golden glowing being through the Force. As the beast watches the Quarren Jedi, it attempts to communicate the following ideas to him through the Force: “foreign,” “invasive,” and “malicious.”

Ash holds his hands up in a gesture of peace and steadily moves toward the open area, attempting to communicate “peace,” and “calm” back to the loth-wolf. He is able to make it to the area, and immediately notices a technological device sitting on the ground just to the left. He moves toward it, and feels those ideas and feelings coming from the loth-wolf grow even stronger. Ash calls to Lop to come down and take a look.

Lop arrives in the open area and uses his wristpad to analyze the device – which appears to be a foot-long, cylindrical metal object which is separated at the midpoint by a ring that’s rapidly spinning around. The whole thing stands on a small tripod.

Lop discovers that the item is emitting an incredibly high frequency that none of the adventurers can hear, and that it’s probably painful to whatever can hear it. He deactivates the device, and Ash immediately feels waves of “calm” and “gratitude” from the large loth-wolf. They believe it has worked. Lop puts the device in his pack.

The large loth-wolf moves from its spot over to the regular-sized loth-wolves, revealing two humanoid shapes lying on the ground behind where the large loth-wolf sat. Kup Kup and Sura move to these shapes, while Ash goes over to the large loth-wolf.

Upon investigating, Kup Kup discovers the bodies of a male Aqualish and a male Human that appear to have also come from Spine Hills based on their humble manner of dress, and have been ravaged by teeth and claw marks. But, more interesting than that, there are blaster wounds on both bodies. The Human body has a Lothal Capital City-issued ID card on it, reading Damjere Winagar. Kup Kup takes this, as well as a hunting trap she found on them. Sura recalls that Ackebeva said nobody in Spine Hills had adequate hunting and trapping skills.

Ash uses the Force to Heal the two loth-wolves, which elicits even greater feelings of “gratitude” and even of “kinship” from the large loth-wolf. Ash then communicates through the Force that they will take the device from the cave as long as they stay away from Spine Hills. The large loth-wolf actually nods to Ash in response.

With that, and a new, pressing need to investigate why there are bodies with blaster wounds hidden away in a loth-wolf cave with a strange, frequency-emitting device, the adventurers start heading back to Spine Hills.

Welcome to a brand-new D&D campaign diary series!!

I’m so excited about this! This is 100% based on Dungeons & Dragons, which has been reskinned by the very smart and talented Galiphile over on Reddit. I’ve linked to the SW5e subreddit at the top of this post, so go check it out if you’re interested in checking out this version of the game. This guy, like, almost completely rewrote the whole D&D PHB with Star Wars information. I’m really impressed.

The characters my players were able to come up with are super interesting, and I’m very pumped to start threading the seeds of their backstories into the campaign – some might be happening sooner than they expect! Let me talk briefly about their classes and info, since they’re so different from the D&D classes.

Lop is a Duros (you now, like Cad Bane) Engineer. The Engineer has flavors of a few of the D&D classes – mainly Artificer and Bard. Like the Artificer, the Engineer can imbue objects with extra tech abilities, and they obtain a Droid companion. They use their wristpad to “techcast,” using Tech Points to cast special tech-based powers (this game’s version of spellcasting for non Force-users).

Ash is a Quarren (the squid-faces) Sentinel. Sentinels are Force-users that are a balance of combat and stealth. They operate a lot like the Warlock in that they get a smaller selection of possible Force Powers to choose from and use at a given level. There are some D&D Monk features in here as well, like the Sentinel Traditions being similar to the Monastic Traditions.

Ghost is a Human Scout. This class is very reminiscent of D&D’s Ranger. They get Skilled Explorer, Favored Enemies, and something called Supreme Awareness, which allows the Scout to connect to the land and nearby beasts. The Scout Techniques are very similar to the Ranger’s archetypes (Hunter, Stalker, and Slayer).

Sura is a Cathar (Star Wars’s “cat-people” species) Monk. Here, Monk’s are almost exactly the same as in D&D. The interesting part are the Monastic Orders that you can choose from – all of which are based in Star Wars lore. You can even choose the Nightsisters! Note that – perhaps controversially – the Jedi and Sith are not Monk class options. There are 3 Force-user classes to choose from, and you can choose the “Jedi” or “Sith” character background if you want to go that route.

Kup Kup is a Gungan (oh, you know what those are, don’t you?) Fighter. In SW5e, Fighters are pretty similar to D&D fighters. They pick up any weapon and hit things with it. What makes Fighters interesting in SW5e is that they all get Combat Superiority maneuvers. Then you get to choose a Fighter Specialty between the Assault, Mounted, Shield, and Tactical Specialists. There are so many options for Fighters in SW5e.

So those are the characters and their classes. We’re starting at level 1! And, after an interesting Session 0 with my players and understanding their likes, dislikes, and expectations regarding Star Wars, I’ve chosen to set this campaign right at the beginning of the Clone Wars – in 22 BBY.

This is an era where a lot of people were extremely divided on the opinion of the Republic – even people among a single species. So there’s lots of opportunity for drama and roleplay. Plus, there are some GREAT canon characters in this era of Star Wars that could, technically, make an appearance!

I chose Lothal as the starting point of our journey for the sole reason that I wanted an Outer Rim world, and found that this one had a lot of canon information I could dig through. I didn’t immediately realize that it was the main setting of the Star Wars Rebels show! Happy coincidence. And then my Jedi player chose a race whose homeworld of Mon Calamari is almost right next door to Lothal!

So, that all having been said, we’re beginning on an incredibly fun adventure with some great people. I’m excited, and you should be too – if you enjoy reading my campaign diaries, that is. Let me know if you’ve run this version of Star Wars D&D written by Galiphile, and what you thought of it! I’m interested in talking to other DMs and Players who have their own insights!

Join us on the subreddit if you have any questions, or want to work with us on making this incredible fan-project even better!

Until next time, Well Met!