Well Met, Adventurers!

A D&D Blog by an Intermediate DM


Well Met RPG is run by Dungeon Master Dave Hatfield, who is an avid fan of the greatest role-playing game ever, Dungeons & Dragons. Like, if that could be his job – instead of this stupid desk job – he wouldn’t think twice. He’d be all over it like a Gelatinous Cube on an unwary Adventurer.

This website is for many things. It will chronicle the ongoing adventures that Dave runs for his group. It will be a place to share his world-building plans and ideas. Further, he invites readers to participate in the discussion, to lend advice and constructive criticism, to share thoughts and practices.

He will do his best to keep content updated regularly, but hopes that visitors – regular and first-time alike – understand that, while he is absolutely bonkers about Dungeons & Dragons, he is also a family man with a full-time job, and those things can and probably will interrupt his process from time to time.

Enjoy, and – Well Met!

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A D&D Blog by an Intermediate DM

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